Mural celebrates Yarra’s Aboriginal heritage

July 31, 2017 by  

Aboriginal culture is being recognised in a highly visible way at the thriving Charcoal Lane social enterprise restaurant in Fitzroy.

A popular spot of residents from Fitzroy, Clifton Hill and throughout the City of Yarra, Charcoal Lane has partnered with Yarra Council in an innovative street art installation produced by Robert Young, a Gunnai Waradgerie man.

Young designed the mural, which was completed in four days. The project was funded by the State Government’s Community Crime Prevention Programme, which targets local graffiti.

Entitled ‘Celebration Dreaming’, the mural encompasses the past, the present and the future with references to Aboriginal culture, connections and identity in Fitzroy.

Young said his family’s long-reaching history as members of the local area inspired the artwork, which would be ideal for use as on future postcards and calendars promoting the area. He explained:

“My great, great grandparents were the first Aboriginal people to live in Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, setting up the first church for local Aboriginal people in their home. My grandfather and grandmother created one of the first Aboriginal legal services in Australia here in Fitzroy.”

He added that his mother was once a dental nurse for the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, adding to his Aboriginal roots.

Yarra Mayor Amanda Stone described the mural as a:

“…dramatic and beautiful visual representation of the achievements, culture and history of the local Aboriginal community.”