Mural of wolves creates interest in market place

March 20, 2018 by  

The second of an estimated 15 murals at the Dandenong Markets, near Braeside, has been created by street artist Heesco.

Located on the King Street façade, the artwork was inspired by the Mongolian wilderness, according to Heesco Kohsnaran, who moved to Australia from Mongolia at the age of 20.

Wolves, he explained, had played a significant role in his country’s creation story, with the belief that a doe and wolf’s union in the woods of Siberia created humanity.

Heesco said the relationship between wolves and people is an interesting one, adding:

“Because it was a nomadic culture people had to learn to live with wolves, they maintained a natural balance. At the same time, people always had to fight off wolves.”

The talented artist said the wolves’ hunting methods were reflected on the battle fields during the 13th Century having influenced many military techniques.

The area’s large community of Hazara Afghans are also able to relate to the mural as, according to Heesco, as they are thought to also have Mongolian ancestry.

Just as giant poster printing can turn heads, Heesco said his latest mural was receiving a positive response from passersby, with many stopping to discuss the artwork.

Entitled `Year of the Wolf’, the mural features a pack of wolves over a period of four seasons. It joins fellow artist Bonsai’s `Rising Phoenix’ at the Dandenong Market.