Nepean Hospital provides top training ground for 50 new interns

February 17, 2017 by  

Staff and patients at Nepean Hospital, Penrith are benefiting from the arrival of 50 medical graduates.

Armed with note pads and pens, 54 graduates will be undertaking a 12-month internship at the hospital in order to complete compulsory terms for specialising in emergency, surgery and medicine.

Penrith MP Stuart Ayres who, along with Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies, was on hand to welcome the medical graduates said Nepean Hospital provided the new interns with a top training ground and an opportunity to interact with members of the local community.

He said established clinicians will be able to give valuable direction and support to the new doctors as they proceed through their internship.

The local intake of 50 interns is part of a New South Wales tally of 992 who will begin their internships at hospitals scattered throughout the state.

The figure is nine more than 2016, and the figures also include 12 Aboriginal graduates.

NSW university domestic medical graduates are all guaranteed an intern position, according to Tanya Davies.

She said that in addition, a great number of internships are also provided for medical graduates from interstate universities, as well as some international students.

In New South Wales, graduates are also offered employment contracts of two years duration, which include the 12 month internship and a further year to focus on consolidating experience and professional practice in a number of varying clinical settings.