New digital forms streamline application process

July 26, 2017 by  

Accessing business forms for building and planning purposes at the City of Canterbury Bankstown near Milperra has taken on a new digital form.

Administrator Richard Colley said the new user-friendly e-planning forms, along with application guide, information sheets and a checklist, were launched recently to help developers and applicants in the application process. He explained:

“These forms and the application checklist have been designed to be consistent, concise, clear, straightforward, simple and, above all, easy to use and understand.

“The handy part about these forms is they’re interactive and can be filled out online to assist applicants with the option to file all documents electronically.”

He said all relevant details about submitting Development Applications including complying construction certificates and development certificates is now available in one place. In addition, once completed, each task can be ticked off as done.

Colley said:

“The aim of these simplified forms is to guide not only developers, but mums and dads wanting to build a granny flat or wanting to install a pool.”

According to the Administrator, the Building and Planning Guide involves three steps towards gaining approval for construction work.

These include checking controls and policies of Council, the preparation of plans and drawings and, finally, completion of the application form and subsequent lodging.

Colley said significant steps were taken to develop a simplified and coordinated planning process that will benefit the entire city.