New GJS warehouse opens in Springvale

November 20, 2017 by  

A new warehouse in Springvale has opened as part of GJS’s strategic move to achieve better product dispatch and delivery times in the local region.

GJS, which has been operational for 39 years, is a supplier that delivers printing products like Beaver Paper, Brother, Epson, Roland, Sawgrass, and Universal Woods. It also supplies a variety of services including promotional products, custom photo gifts, signs and displays, and textiles.

According to Greg Stone, managing director of GJS, the new Springvale warehouse will help to improve product dispatch and delivery efficiency due to the locally stored consumables and equipment. He also added that many of their customers are printing services companies that depend heavily on receiving products and consumables on time, to ensure smooth operation of their businesses. The new warehouse will help to handle common situations in the printing industry today such as rush jobs and last-minute orders.

Customers who place their orders online will be able to receive their products from the new Springvale warehouse after selecting the correct point of purchase.

The new warehouse is expected to be very popular among clients from Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia. This is based on the feedback received at a Roadshow event where the new facility was introduced to the attendees. Customers have expressed their satisfaction at GJS having a warehouse closer to their individual businesses, allowing them to receive key products required for daily operations via local delivery.