New housing for Bentley

August 31, 2012 by  

Agreement has been reached between the City of Canning and the Department of Housing to develop land around the state housing complex of Brownlie Towers in Bentley. Up to 1,500 new homes are expected to be built on the 25 hectare site with some being made available as affordable housing.

Housing Department director-general Grahame Searle said:

“The project will develop a tired area into a vibrant one, providing new amenities and services, and offering a range of housing options” (Canning Times, 7 August 2012).

The project builds on the regeneration that has already begun thanks to the upgrade of Brownlie Towers between 2005 and 2010, and is part of a larger statewide programme, which aims to create 20,000 affordable housing options by 2020. Bentley’s close proximity to Perth’s Central Business District and education facilities made it an excellent candidate for such investment according to Mr Searle.

Demolition of 130 properties is expected to get the project underway as early as late August, and building is scheduled to start in 2015. In the interim contracts for design, materials and construction will need to be organised.

Such a large local development will be a welcome boost to the economy for the entire City of Canning, especially Bentley’s commercial neighbour, Welshpool. Wise business owners will be working with their printing services now to up-date their contract management plans and promotional material in readiness for the tender process. Competition for contracts is likely to be fierce with the joint state-council customer certain to set high standards and require best value for money.