Calendar Printing in Alexandria

Alexandria, New South Wales , is conveniently close to Sydney's central business district, while remaining a quiet and relatively affordable place to live. The area used to be industrial and, in the 1940s, was recognised as a centre for manufacturing. Today, there is still plenty of industry in Alexandria, but residential streets are also in evidence. As it has been going through a period of gentrification, the suburb has become more popular. Some big companies, including Virgin Atlantic, have set up offices in the area, but smaller businesses thrive there as well. Thanks to strategies such as calendar printing in Alexandria , they can continue to attract customers. Here at Minuteman Press, we print calendars for many Alexandria business owners, who appreciate being able to use a local printing company.

When they opt for calendar printing, Alexandria businesses are selecting a popular marketing item that most customers are happy to receive. Even in the digital age, nothing has quite replaced the humble calendar, which enables people to check dates and remember appointments while also providing a series of pleasing images to decorate their walls.

Even an inner city suburb can offer some interesting and attractive views and, when considering calendar printing in Alexandria, businesses could use local scenes as images. The elegant former Town Hall and the Yiu Ming Temple are two listed heritage buildings that would fit the bill. At Minuteman Press, we can provide you with splendid calendars that will reflect well on your company, so why not call us to discuss your requirements?