Calendar Printing in Castle Hill

Landmarks such as Castle Hill House and the former parsonage, both constructed in the 1800s, remain as examples of earlier times in the history of Castle Hill, New South Wales . Together with the old public school (1879) and the former church, these buildings are often seen as featured images on local promotional materials, including calendar printing in Castle Hill . Reproducing photographs for various marketing mediums is a speciality of the team here at Minuteman Press.

Located 31km north-west of Sydney’s business district, Castle Hill can lay claim to some well-known residents, including the Nobel Prize winning author Patrick White. A government farm to house convicts was established in the area in July 1801, with the first free settler recorded being Baron Verincourt de Clambe the following year. The need for food to feed the growing population in and around Sydney resulted in many suburbs, including Castle Hill, hosting orchards and market gardens. However, these fell by the wayside as residential growth took hold in the region. Today, businesses of all sizes thrive in the location, with the eastern part of Old Northern Road hosting a vibrant commercial area. Many are aware of how effective print media marketing can boost sales and clientele, with popular tools being flyers and calendar printing. Castle Hill’s retail sector also holds regular promotions, especially in the huge Castle Towers shopping centre, which boasts 16 cinemas.

Here at Minuteman Press, our staff are happy to discuss a wide selection of marketing tools, including calendar printing in Castle Hill, and strategies to suit individual customers. Why not call us today to get the ball rolling?