Stationery in Castle Hill

After the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney’s Botany Bay in 1788, fleet Commander Captain Arthur Phillip was faced with the task of issuing land grants to new settlers who could establish farms and provide food for the new colony. Within the first three years, Castle Hill, in New South Wales , had been identified for settlement with Baron Verincourt de Clambe, a free settler, credited with the first grant of 81ha. As more settlers moved to the area, families established orchards and market gardens to meet a rising demand for produce in Sydney. Growth of business in the region attracted innovations, including the use of printed materials such as stationery in Castle Hill . The team here at Minuteman Press offers a valuable service to clients in the area.

Castle Hill has changed dramatically from its historic beginnings hosting a prison farm and growing crops to feed the hungry. Market gardens and orchards have been subdivided to accommodate residential growth in the suburb, which is located 31km north west of the Sydney CBD. A vibrant commercial centre operates on the Old Northern Road, while the Castle Towers Shopping Centre dominates in the north with the added attraction of numerous cinemas.

Many businesses are long established – a fact that many owners are proud to display on widely used printed materials such as flyers and stationery in Castle Hill. The use of such tools for promotions is a speciality for the team here at Minuteman Press. Call us today for a free quote and helpful advice on initiatives to assist in building your business.