Calendar Printing in Rockdale

Rockdale, New South Wales , is one of the southern suburbs of Sydney, located around 13 kilometres away from the city's central business district. The suburb had a number of different names in its early years, including White Gum Flat and Frog Hollow, but became Rockdale after a nineteenth century postmistress decided that it was a more suitable choice. Modern Rockdale contains light industry, commerce and residential streets. The owners of local businesses make use of marketing strategies such as calendar printing in Rockdale in order to promote their firms. Here at Minuteman Press, we provide first-rate calendars for numerous Rockdale companies, whose owners find that they make excellent and popular gifts for clients.

If they have not previously considered calendar printing, Rockdale companies might wonder what the advantages could be. Probably the greatest benefit of using calendars instead of other promotional items is that, with a calendar, your brand is on display in front of your customers every day of the year. If you choose attractive images, your clients will be more likely to view the calendars more often, with their enjoyment of these products helping to build a positive association with your company.

Rockdale residents have some beautiful Art Deco architecture in their suburb, including the Town Hall and a pub known as the St George Tavern. Companies that are thinking about calendar printing in Rockdale could use local views of historic buildings for some of the images. At Minuteman Press, we can turn those pictures into top quality calendars for you, so why not call us with your order?