Nitro coffee available in Wangara

November 12, 2017 by  

Wangara’s Big Brew Coffee Roasters has become part of the modern coffee trend of brewing and serving ice-cold nitro coffee.

Following the trend, a creative new item – cold brew nitro coffee – is now on the menu in selected coffee shops around Western Australia.

Cold brew coffee is prepared by grounding coffee beans, then soaking the coffee grounds in cold or room temperature filtered water for about half a day, or a full day. The cold water temperature improves the smoothness and sweetness of the beverage due to less acid being released from the oils in the coffee. This way, the burnt taste of the coffee can be avoided.

After the coffee is cold brewed, the barista strains it using a sieve or a paper coffee filter to get rid of any murky residue that may be left. Finally, nitro coffee is made by pouring the cold brew coffee into a keg, then infusing the liquid with nitrogen gas. The infusion improves the taste and texture of the drink considerably, brewers believe. Milk is an optional addition, depending on individual preference.

Those who happen to enjoy the refreshing and innovative nitro coffee in their local café may wish to grab some business cards from the cafe counters and share them with their friends, who would likely appreciate this way to enjoy the flavour of coffee while keeping cool for the winter.