North Lakes may gain from population growth

May 2, 2018 by  

The population of North Lakes has grown recently, and this could boost the local economy.

Several areas of Queensland have witnessed an increase in their population in the last couple of years. Immigration has played a role in this development, but internal movements of people have also had a big part to play. North Lakes has seen a significant change in its population, meaning local print shops are likely to receive more business.

North Lakes is sometimes linked with Mango Hill by statisticians. During the year 2017, it was observed that there had been annual population growth of almost 7% in the North Lakes-Mango Hill district. Anthony Grubb, the director of demography at ABS, has looked at the figures and told

“It is now possible to not only see how much population is changing in an area, but to understand why this change is occurring.”

Matusik Property Insights (MPI) has been looking at the population growth patterns within Queensland. MPI is an independent service directed by Michael Matusik, who reasoned that the surge in population should lead to a jump in the price of housing. He has not seen such a shift yet and believes this is because the economy of the state has not been firing on all cylinders, but this could change in the future.