North Lakes sees the big picture

July 9, 2017 by  

A 10-week photography course will soon be held at Corso North Lakes Community Centre. Enthusiasts will be able to learn how to take good digital photographs and process them with Photoshop.

The course is ideal for those who regard photography as a hobby, as well as those who might wish to consider using it to enhance their business opportunities through creating postcards, calendars, or brochures about their respective enterprises.

Attendees need to bring their own DSLR camera, a laptop with the Photoshop programme installed, and a tripod. They can expect to learn more about their cameras, as well as topics like composition and long exposures.

There will be sessions on the different genres, such as family, wildlife, sport, and astronomical photography. The Photoshop section will include the various file formats. The course will also cover shoots around Brisbane, and end with a competition and critique.

The Corso North Lakes Community Centre is part of the YMCA, and can be found at number 10, The Corso. The photographic workshops will be held on consecutive Monday nights, starting tomorrow, July 10, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and ending on Monday, September 11.

The course of workshops costs $350, and will be run by Amy Louise, of Amy Louise Photography. Bookings can be made through Amy via or by registering on her website.