Off-leash dog trial in Canning Vale parks extended

July 13, 2017 by  

A trial of areas where dogs can exercise off-leash has been extended following the City of Canning’s failure to make a decision on its future.

Signs in seven Canning Vale parks allowing off-leash exercise areas for dogs will now remain for a little longer, although the timeframe is still shy of the original six-month trial period.

At a meeting of Council in June, the establishment of permanent dog exercise places was recommended by the City of Canning’s chief executive for Kinnerton Gardens, Connaught Park and Akania Park.

Meanwhile, it was recommended to reject The Green Way, Fairfield Park, Centella Park and Burtonia Park.

Councillor Patrick Hall said Canning Vale has 600 registered dogs but only one off-leash area, which was located within the kennel zone, surrounded by bushland and a railway line. Meanwhile, the City of Canning has 68 off-leash exercise areas for dogs.

Hall, who until 2014, had been the Shenton Park Dogs Refuge Home CEO, said regular dog exercise is extremely important, particularly in resolving issues such as restlessness and barking if left alone. He said:

“I’m very much hoping when we come back in September to talk about it again the community has provided some more feedback.”

August 8 will mark the end of the trial and the matter will come before council again on September 19. Public comment is encouraged.