Opening of Caringbah’s ambulance station gets nearer

May 12, 2018 by  

Progress on the construction of the ambulance superstation in Caringbah is being made.

It is thought that the ambulance superstation will be ready for action by 2019. Brad Hazzard, the Health Minister, has inspected the site within Caringbah. Across Sydney, about $150m is being spent on better care. Printing services can be useful to promote knowledge about local facilities.

Lee Evans, the MP for Heathcote, told the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader that existing healthcare provision will not be affected in a negative way, explaining:

“This will ensure that no matter where you live in our community, the nearest paramedic will be allocated to every emergency call.”

The superstation is a replacement for an obsolete building on the campus of Sutherland Hospital. The finished amenity will not be far from Kareena Road. Eleni Petinos, the MP for Miranda, is confident that the superstation will work well with the redeveloped Sutherland Hospital.

The redeveloped hospital was completed a few months ago, after an investment of about $63m. This money improved the quality of the intensive care department and the emergency department was also upgraded.

The idea behind the superstation is that people should be empowered to do what they do best. For example, the time of paramedics is best allocated to medical activity. Other team members will be obliged to restock and clean the ambulances as necessary.