Opportunity for people living with Parkinson’s to try painting

January 9, 2019 by  

Castle Hill RSL is holding an ‘Art for Parkinson’s’ session, where people living with the disease can try their hand at painting.

Over 80,000 people in Australia live with Parkinson’s and around 37 new cases are diagnosed each day. The illness affects a person’s ability to control their movements and may also cause other symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Although mostly an illness affecting older people, 10% of sufferers are under 40 years old at diagnosis.

Recent studies by Dr Julie H. Carter, of the Oregon Health and Science University, have demonstrated that by teaching the brain to adapt to new circumstances, through exercise, creativity or social connection, people living with Parkinson’s can gain some control over their symptoms. The effects may not just be therapeutic but may allow the brain to form new communication pathways between brain cells.

The Art for Parkinson’s sessions give participants the chance to try something new and express themselves creatively in a different way. Participants need no prior experience of painting and all materials are provided. Printing services are often used to create promotional material for such events.

The workshop will take place at Castle Hill RSL from 10:30am to 1pm on Friday 22nd February. The cost will be $10 plus booking free and bookings are essential. Morning tea will be provided.