Osborne Park set for hospital upgrade

June 23, 2013 by  

A surge in the number of hospital patients north of the Perth CBD has resulted in the State Government committing to a major expansion of existing facilities at Osborne Park. A new hospital in Alkimos is also under consideration.

The Minister for Health, Kim Hames, revealed plans this week during a meeting of the Australian Medical Association. Dr Hames said:

“North of the river clearly we’re going to need more hospitals and the next big expansion will be at Osborne Park, although my preference is for a whole new hospital there.”

The government has also earmarked the moving of King Edward Memorial Hospital, at a cost of around $1 billion. At present, hospitals are struggling to keep up with targets of treating patients within four hours after admission. Moves are afoot to employ senior doctors from Britain with expertise in quickly assessing patients.

Richard Choong, president of the WA AMA, has welcomed news of the Government’s long-term plans. He concedes that population growth north of the Swan River has resulted in a much needed increase in hospital beds. He hopes to see an associated improvement in staffing levels, along with high quality technological support. Dr Choong has also encouraged input from senior clinicians involved with designing the new hospitals.

Unprecedented growth in north-side medical and hospital facilities during recent years is beginning to attract expert advisors and clinicians. Osborne Park residents can also influence outcomes by utilising the services of local printing companies to create a persuasive argument for more hospital needs.