Parramatta Council wants more facilities for Epping

June 5, 2018 by  

Parramatta Council believes that there need to be more amenities in Epping due to recent development.

A article suggests that the Department of Planning and Environment may have underestimated the scale of residential development in Epping. Brochure printing can be useful in the property sector; if new homes near Parramatta are to be sold swiftly, investment in public services could be worthwhile.

Parramatta Council conducted research into traffic issues in the area. As a result of the findings of the study, the authority wants to restrict further development until action is taken. Fast population growth is not a bad thing for economic development, but it needs to be matched with spending on appropriate transport infrastructure. Donna Davis, a councillor for Parramatta, warned:

“In a nutshell, the Epping town centre and surrounding area cannot cope with any increase in development from what is already established in the current LEP [Local Environment Plan]. Epping is getting a lot of population but we don’t actually have the facilities for the people living there.”

A range of councils in Sydney noticed the pressures associated with rapid urban development. Some of the authorities have specific concerns about the policies of the government for the state of New South Wales . A few councils negotiated exemptions from the relevant planning code. Community groups suggested that urban growth must take account of educational and recreational requirements in affected zones.