Perth Art Gallery success leads to development plans

April 28, 2013 by  

An art gallery in Perth has become so successful that it is struggling to keep up, according to its director.

Galleries and museums around Australia are struggling with multiple dilemmas, such as housing large contemporary artworks, hosting blockbuster exhibitions, and facilitating the ever-increasing size of gallery collections.

Stefano Carboni, Art Gallery of Western Australia’s director, said:

“We are bursting at the seams because we are now quite active in collecting contemporary art.”

The scenario is thought to be down to a wealth of talent, combined with funding beyond expectations, providing a total of almost $50 million for art acquisition. Recent years have also seen the gallery acquire a further 250 works for display.

Carboni considers expansion of the AGWA as a “no brainer”. Plans include a rooftop renovation housing a sculpture garden, a café, and an open-air cinema. A new building has also been suggested. Carboni doesn’t expect extensions to begin anytime soon, though, as the gallery is in line behind the Western Australian Museum, which has been waiting for decades to move to a better location.

Carboni notices a cultural lag in Western Australia, possibly the remnants of provincial thinking toward Perth, a city that has developed in leaps and bounds during the past few decades. He sees his role as that of a spokesperson for Perth residents in helping governments and private investors appreciate the value of art as an investment in culture for the people of the city.

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