Perth Trackless Tram project may change city’s face of transport

April 6, 2018 by  

Professor Peter Newman from Curtin University is currently working on a radical Perth Trackless Tram project together with local councils such as the Town of Victoria Park.

According to Dr. Newman, talks with the administration staff of Victoria Park wnt went, although discussions of the plan with the councillors are yet to be carried out.

The planned route of the trackless tram would be from Canning, through Victoria Park, Perth and Vince, before ending in Stirling.

Places like Welshpool and Canning Vale in the City of Canning would benefit from the project, as this would bring in new opportunities for these industrial estates to manufacture the trackless trams.

According the Paul Ng, mayor of City of Canning, the system ticks every box of being a safe, convenient, and comfortable form of public transport. The project is also an important part of the City’s Strategic Community Plan. He added that the industrial areas of the City of Canning would embrace the opportunity to be responsible for the manufacturing of the trams locally.

If eventually given the green light, the trackless tram project will not only alter the face of public transport but will also create local jobs, especially in areas like Welshpool.

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