Perth’s housing market remains divided

June 9, 2017 by  

Recent research has shown that house values are relatively high in Print company in Perth printing services Perth’s northern suburbs.

The cheapest homes in Perth are still clustered in the south of the city. Domain data indicates that the median price for a house in Medina is just $250,000. Higher prices for residential property in northern Perth may reflect the dynamism of the local economy. Demand for Print company in print shops printing services print shops within Print company in Balcatta printing services Balcatta could benefit from the persistence of the economic divide between the suburbs. Dr Nicola Powell, a top researcher at Domain, pointed out that the Perth market as a whole might be at a turning point as it seemingly levels out:

“We are more or less seeing that coming to the bottom of that cycle but what that has done is lower the price point entry for first home buyers to access the market and it's great to see first home buyers have utilised that and hopped onto the ladder.”

Just two of the northern suburbs of Perth do not conform to the general trend. Westminster and Balga are not as expensive as their northern counterparts when it comes to units. Nonetheless, house prices in swathes of southern Perth are much cheaper than those evident in Westminster or Balga.

The housing market of Perth has not been on the same path as that of Sydney or Print company in Melbourne printing services Melbourne. Commuting in Perth does not usually involve driving such long distances as in those cities.