Pilot course gives students insight into construction industry

December 1, 2017 by  

An introduction to construction TAFE course believed to be the first of its kind in Australia is currently being trialled in Bunbury.

South Regional TAFE is conducting the construction training programme, which encourages students in their final two years of high school to gain practical, hands-on skills while also learning more about working in the construction industry.

The Federal Government-funded course, described in flyer printing as a pre-apprenticeship programme, provides a basic entry-level initiation into construction and building and is aimed at giving those taking part more understanding about what is required when undertaking an apprenticeship.

According to Dan Perkins, present of Master Builders Australia, the programme aims to give participants much-needed skills as well as provide construction industry employers with the skills they require. Perkins says:

“This programme provides students with real life insights into working in the industry and the skills that are required to success.”

Duncan Anderson, managing director of South Regional TAFE, said:

“Our top trade lecturers in carpentry, bricklaying, painting and decorating will train the students to very high standards.”

Students, he added, will be on the receiving end of highly relevant experience and this will importantly enable them to trial the work before entering the industry.

Mr. Anderson said construction site requirements including protective clothing, the issuing of White Cards and lessons about safety in the workplace are adhered to as part of the course.