Plan of action to curb obesity

April 2, 2013 by  

Prahran’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute has launched a new initiative offering a managed weight assessment clinic for the prevention of disorders such as diabetes and heart disease.

Eminent research Professor John Dixon leads a team of experts, including dieticians, sleep assessors, and psychologists. The clinic is designed for those with a Body Mass Index over 35, and especially relevant for people presently suffering heart-related problems.

Prof Dixon said:

“It’s all done individually. Most people at that weight have had the problem for a long time and they’ve tried everything. They’re frustrated.”

Due to the prevalence of feelings of failure in sufferers, the centre will also focus on related anxiety and depression in attempting to assist patients in attaining quality of life as well as health. The medical staff’s aim is to achieve realistic goals and prevent long-term issues from escalating.

In the course of clinical work and extensive research, Professor Dixon has noted increased numbers of severely obese people with many things in common. A large percentage have type 2 diabetes, most are women, most have sleeping difficulties, and many have a high levels of depression. He said:

“Our overall aim is to help people feel better.”

In 2008, the Baker Heart Research Institute merged with the International Diabetes Institute, creating the catalyst for the initiative. Prahran printing companies can look forward to possibly assisting in public awareness campaigns dealing with obesity and related illness by poster printing, flyer printing, and related print company paraphernalia.