Police target graffiti vandals

May 8, 2013 by  

Perth police are successfully tackling graffiti vandals adept at utilising social media to boast of their work. Three Facebook pages with 7,000 members, including those in East Perth, have been identified. The pages display photos of defaced homes, schools, trains, and police cars across Perth. They also provide a forum for graffiti vandals to source target locations or alert others about potential police surveillance. Fortunately for police, many of the vandals are so brazen that they brag of their handiwork on personal Facebook accounts, easily identifying themselves.

Many of the graffiti Facebook members also post comments taunting police and transit security officers. Police spokesman Fred Gere remarked that it is difficult to have the pages removed from Facebook.

He said:

“Clearly graffiti offenders are usually exhibitionists who utilise locations and sites that are likely to have high exposure…they use the web to further enhance such exposure.”

Police have advertised the provision of cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of graffiti vandals. They have even established a Goodbye Graffiti Hotline for those wishing to report information or identify perpetrators on social media.

Premier Colin Barnett has stated that offenders will be made to clean vandalised areas as punishment. He also said he will grant the Public Transport Authority powers to refuse graffiti criminals the use of public transport.

In order to raise the profile of campaigns such as this, police usually enlist the help of a reputable print company to produce a run of flyers and posters, as this is one of the most direct methods to get the message across to the public.