Get your poster printing right first time

When you’re in the market for poster printing, you’re not usually just looking for a print shop to run off a few hundred copies of your design. You’re looking for someone who will be your ally – a printing service that will be a asset to your marketing campaign. A good poster printing service will provide you with posters, but a great one will help you increase the return on your investment.

An experienced printer can not only help you with the technical aspects of producing a poster, but should be able to advise you on some design elements. A poster design may look great in Photoshop, but your printer should be able to envisage how it will look on paper, and be able to offer you advice on certain aspects of it. He will have produced lots of posters, and will therefore have an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

As such, you will want to be able to speak to your printer either face to face or over the phone. At Minuteman Press, we can offer either option for you.

If you’re stuck for a design, your printer should have a few templates to hand. They can be a real time saver, especially if graphic design does not come naturally to you, and you should be able to customize them to a point. This is great if you are a small to medium enterprise without the budget to hire a professional graphic artist. In fact, your printing company should help you squeeze every dollar of your marketing budget and help your campaign achieve maximum impact.

At Minuteman Press, we have a long history of poster printing for many companies. We can help you realise your marketing goals at an affordable price.