Prahran residents frustrated by increasing traffic congestion

July 20, 2018 by  

Residents of the trendy yet historic suburb of Prahran are taking a stand against overdevelopment of the area, which they see as causing traffic congestion in the once quiet backstreets.

Prahran has long been a fashionable retail precinct, where many businesses advertise with the assistance of banner printing services.

A resident of Murray Street, Liana Slipetsky, said that many cars and trucks now use her street as a ‘rat run’ to avoid heavy traffic on nearby Williams Road, adding the amenity of Prahran is threatened by a burgeoning number of local apartment developments. She said:

“I’m all for growth but the infrastructure needs to keep up.”

Williams Road was last year named by AustRoads to be among the five slowest moving roads in all of Melbourne but whatever action can be taken at a local level regarding its severe congestion is limited. Instead, the local council is doing what it can to appease residents.

The City of Stonnington has stated it has already imposed a nine-metre height restriction on any developments in and around Murray Street and vehicles will not be allowed to turn left into the road during peak hours.

The council has also introduced permit-only parking in many parts of local streets but residents still say other requests such as conducting maintenance works on nearby Victoria Gardens only during business hours have fallen on deaf ears.