What to look for in print companies

Many print companies may make digital printing sound pretty straightforward, but there is a lot of skill that goes into achieving consistently excellent results. Problems are all too easily encountered, so before you entrust a print shop with an important job, it’s worth considering the follow:

What options are available to format your print?

It may be easy for you to find something that suits your business right now, but a professional printer should be flexible, and be able to grow and adapt as your business does. A run of flyers or letterheaded paper may be adequate for now, but what if you want to customise your style, or explore your options on point-of-sale or banner printing? A print shop should be able to realise what ambitions you have.

A quick turnaround time

Time is money, as the saying goes, so you need to make sure that your print shop can offer you a suitable turnaround time. Reputable print companies should be able to factor in how long shipping will take too. When trying out a new print shop, it’s advisable to make your first order something that gives you a lot of flexibility time-wise.


The quality of the end result is paramount. A print shop should deliver consistently professional results,whether or not you order a small run, or a large, specialised one. Your print shop should also offer you a wealth of options from brochure and catalog printing to binding.


As much as you may want to avoid a service which is priced very high, you may also want to steer clear of those that are too low. Print companies who quote you a suspiciously low cost may mean that inferior materials are used for your print run, or that corners are being cut somewhere along the line. However, it is possible to get top notch results for competitive rates. At Minuteman Press, we’re able to deliver excellent results for the right price. We have print shops all over Australia, so it’s easy to come along and speak to an expert who will understand exactly what you want, and be able to deliver it on time.