What to look for in a print company

Anybody who has ever had to promote or market something will have a tale of woe to tell you about their print company. There are lots of things to go wrong – maybe a brochure wasn’t proofread before printing off a large run, or a promoter had printed the wrong date for his band’s gig on their posters and hadn’t realized before putting them up around town. However, proofreading your material is only half the job.

When you hire a print company, you’re entrusting them with something really important, whether you’re in charge of a make-or-break marketing campaign for your business or need a repeat run of brochures. It makes sense to see examples of the quality of their work. A print company may have both offset and digital printing – as the technology for digital printing has improved, it now competes in both quality and price for digital printing. It also means that you are able to design your poster or flyer on a computer, and give the file to your printer.

Your print company should then be able to advise you on how it will look, and even provide a proof for your approval. It’s fair to say that the overwhelming majority of monitors aren’t calibrated correctly – this is why your prints rarely look exactly like what is displayed on them. However, a reputable print company will have expertly calibrated monitors, making sure that what you see is what you get.

Turnaround time is also an issue, especially if you are ordering a large run. Whether you’re building up anticipation for your event, or co-ordinating a marketing campaign, you want to know that your print run will be delivered on time.

At Minuteman Press, we’re a print company that prides itself on the service it gives. No job is too small, and we have plenty of print shops across Australia, meaning that it’s never been easier to call in and speak to one of our experts about what we can offer you and your business.