Project aims to tutor and empower local youth

July 30, 2018 by  

The education, empowerment and motivation of young people are a focus of a new project being implemented for children in Canning Vale and throughout the City of Canning.

Aimed at a demographic that includes culturally diverse 12-to-17-year-olds, the Leadership in Motion and Experience Project (LiME) endeavours to promote visions of empowerment, opportunities and hope.

Mayor Paul Ng said the motivation of culturally diverse young people to learn resilience, confidence and communication is the project’s main focus.

The City of Canning, he said, welcomed people from around the globe but many faced challenges when it comes to learning about our way of life.

Projects, such as LiME, are providing a vehicle for further understanding of Australian culture and the workplace which can involve everything from a career in retail to a graphic design professional. Ng said:

“The main goal is to empower and improve opportunities for young people seeking and retaining employment, thriving in business and enhancing their personal development. It is preparing them for a better future and effective leadership in their own lives, and the community.”

Since the project’s launch in February this year at the Town Hall, an average of 20 participants have been tutored on a fortnightly basis at the Lynwood Youth and Family Centre on Saturdays.

The activity has drawn interest from students at 10 schools across the city and organisers hope attendances will continue to rise.