Project to revitalise city centre set to begin

December 24, 2017 by  

The transformation of the car park in Cato Street, Prahran is set to kick off early next year.

Kane Constructions will undertake the construction of what has been described by City of Stonnington Mayor Steve Stefanopoulos as the city’s

“largest and most ambitious construction project e


Stefanopoulos was quoted saying:

“This will transform the Cato Street car park into nearly 10,000 square metres of multifunctional urban parkland with underground parking.”

The Mayor said the project is being undertaken with the aim of improving the vibrancy and atmosphere of the area’s iconic Chapel Street and to elevate the site, temporarily referred to as Cato Square, to being considered as a world-class space for the public that everyone can enjoy.

“We will achieve this by transforming the existing car park into an active, vibrant, safe and exciting public open space.”

He said construction activity will make the car park in Cato Street unavailable.

However, he added, a special parking guidance system will be installed to provide real-time information about alternative parking within the precinct. A free shuttle bus to alternative car parks is also to be implemented to support business owners, restaurants, cafes and shops.

Correspondence bearing Council letterheads will soon be on the way to businesses bordering the construction site to keep them updated on the work’s progress and other available parking options.

Work on the transformation of Cato Street carpark will begin on January 15, 2018 with completion expected late in 2019.