Public invited to view plans for new-look Bigge Park

November 25, 2015 by  

Proposals to revamp Bigge Park in Liverpool, New South Wales have been exhibited for public scrutiny.

The development application for the $5.5m revitalisation project was lodged in September this year and Mayor Ned Mannoun said it was now on display to give residents and business owners an opportunity to comment.

He said Bigge Park, which had been featured on many promotional postcards and brochures over the years, was an integral part of the city centre and provided a beautiful open parkland space that linked the railway station, TAFE, and hospital with the Liverpool’s central shopping district.

The park’s history dates back to 1810, when Liverpool was founded, and has maintained a physical link with the town’s original character ever since. Its history has been the subject of a number of booklet printing exercises by local historians, according to the Mayor.

Mayor Mannoun said Bigge Park had also been the venue for many important events, including the annual Harmony Day and Spring Expo as well as community activities hosted by council as the Live Life Active exercise classes.

He said the redevelopment plans would see the bowling club removed and Bigge Park extended to include a children’s play area and more fitness stations. Improved lighting, the installation of a water play park and a heritage forecourt together with pathway upgrades are also planned.

Work is expected to start on the project in early 2016.