Push to improve recycling in Dandenong

March 21, 2014 by  

Dandenong residents have the chance to choose their new rubbish bins this month as part of a council initiative to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

The Great Bin Swap campaign allows residents to choose from six different options for bin sizes for different levy costs.

The three new bins, which will be rolled out in July, will include two 240-litre bins to be used for recycling and garden waste, and a 120-litre one for rubbish. They will be colour coded with yellow, green and red, which are the standard colours used across Australia. Households that do not produce much rubbish can opt for a smaller 80-litre rubbish bin at a reduced cost.

Residents are being asked to try to concentrate on recycling and garden waste, and reduce the amount of rubbish they produce which has to be sent to landfill sites.

Printing services have been used to create information packs for all households, which are being sent out this month. These will explain the different options and include the forms householders need to complete in order to get their new bins. Information will also be provided on ways people can reduce the amount of waste they produce and improve their recycling.

The information can also be found online on the City of Greater Dandenong Council’s website. Choices must be made by Monday April 21st.