Catalogue Printing in Chermside

Chermside, Brisbane, could easily be described as a retail trendsetter after being the first suburb in Australia to host a drive-in shopping centre. The nation’s introduction to the concept came in 1957, when long-established company Allan and Stark began construction of what they described as ‘An island of retailing in a (big) lake of parking’ at the Chermside location. The site was chosen due to a number of factors, including a 100,000-strong population living within a 4.8km radius, an increase in private motor vehicle ownership, and close proximity to public bus and tram services. The arrival of 25 shops, a Cash and Carry supermarket, Allan and Stark’s own department store, and the 700 car parking spaces was well-publicised, ensuring a busy time for those providing catalogue printing in Chermside . Promotional campaigns using printed materials are a speciality of the team here at Minuteman Press.

Chermside locals embraced the new drive-in shopping centre, with 15,000 people attending opening day celebrations in 1957. It wasn’t long before the concept was adopted in other centres around the country. Catalogue printing, in Chermside and elsewhere, provides essential tools to a business community.

Initially, retail outlets and offices were spread across one level with the exception of Myer, which featured three floors all easily accessible by escalators and lifts. However, as expansion became necessary, floors were added. Many locals were attracted by promotions produced through Catalogue printing in Chermside. Here at Minuteman Press, the emphasis is on providing top quality printed items at the right price. Call us today for a free quote.