Letterheads in Fortitude Valley

Historically, Fortitude Valley, Queensland was a leader in the field of small business and retail. Early letterheads in Fortitude Valley bear the names of retail trendsetters of the 19th century like James McWhirter and Thomas Beirne, who led the way in a commercial area that once rivalled central business districts throughout the country. This was particularly so during the period from 1900 to 1960 before the rise of the drive-in shopping centres. Printing flyers, office stationery, letterheads and promotional materials to help attract new customers is a specialty of the team here at Minuteman Press.

Although located outside the city of Brisbane, the suburb gained a reputation for being a city centre especially during its heyday when the streets were lined with department stores, specialty retail outlets, professional services and restaurants. On the outskirts of the busy central shopping area were a host of warehouses and factories. Letterheads in Fortitude Valley reflected the presence of long established companies which included Sachs and Co. Ironmongery and Kitchenware which operated in the suburb from 1896 and Bulimba Brewery (1906). There were also printers, pottery and hardware stores and cordial manufacturers to name just a few.

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