Calendar Printing in Milton

Milton, Queensland, lies close to the centre of Brisbane, with only two kilometres separating it from the city's business district. Residential properties can be found in the suburb as well as offices, warehouses and light industrial units. Its convenient location has seen Milton grow in popularity as a place to live and redevelopment has helped to make the suburb fashionable. Park Road is where Milton's stylish restaurants and bars can be found, and the owners of businesses in this trendy area could use calendar printing in Milton as a way of putting their names in front of customers. At Minuteman Press, we recognise that calendars offer the unique marketing opportunity of displaying your brand to customers all year round.

Around 2,000 people live in Milton and some are involved in community groups and charitable causes. One way of raising funds is to make use of calendar printing and Milton clubs that do so find that local people will happily purchase calendars for a good cause, especially if they recognise some of the images. Suitable pictures could include Milton's landmarks, such as the Castlemaine Perkins brewery, or even portraits of fellow residents.

Milton has come a long way since its origins as an agricultural area and this diverse suburb has become even more attractive, thanks to the development of a large area of green space, Frew Park, on the site where tennis courts and a bowling alley once lay. Local firms can revive their fortunes with calendar printing in Milton. At Minuteman Press, we can offer you the top quality calendars that you need, so get in touch to place your order.