Direct Mail Printing in Woolloongabba

Woolloongabba is one of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs. It lies not far from the CBD and is home to the famous “Gabba” Cricket Ground and the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Woolloongabba is also known as Brisbane’s antique district. The original meaning of the name is debated, but one interpretation is ‘meeting place’. The growth of apartment buildings, shops and cafes continues to bring people together. This diverse environment creates a high demand for direct mail printing in Woolloongabba . Direct mail printing is one of the many high quality services we offer here at Minuteman Press.

Australia’s first Coca-Cola plant was established in Woolloongabba in 1942. Woolloongabba also has strong links to the development of transport within Brisbane. The suburb has been home to horse-drawn trams, electric trams, railway depots and bus depots. More recently, the Woolloongabba Bikeway project, part of the Better Bikeways for Brisbane program, is creating another transport option.

Direct mail printing in Woolloongabba complements an online presence and targets the local community. A print shop in the area will have intimate knowledge of the local business environment and marketing conditions, and can provide face-to-face consultations on the most effective approach for a direct mailing campaign. Whether it is a targeted personalised campaign or a more generalised marketing campaign, a local print shop's state of the art equipment and highly trained staff ensure quality and timely results every time.

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