Quilt enthusiasts celebrate 10 years of major event

March 23, 2014 by  

The City of Melbourne, Victoria, will soon host the 10th annual Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC).

One of the most celebrated and biggest quilting events of its kind in this part of the world, the convention brings together thousands of enthusiastic students, teachers and exhibitors.

The age old craft of quilting, which involves stitching together a host of small fabric pieces into one large patchwork-filled quilt, has become a popular pastime for many craft enthusiasts worldwide.

The AQC’s program will feature something for everyone. It will include workshops and seminars by internationally acclaimed tutors who have combined the latest styles, techniques and trends from the UK, USA, South Africa and Australia to present on the program. Also in attendance will be Jenny Bowker, who won the Rajah Award in 2013.

In celebrating the 10th anniversary of the event, many of the exhibitions have been developed around the theme `Ten’ and will include a special `Ten Years of AQC’ retrospective featuring some of the outstanding works from previous years.

Breathtaking works by finalists who took part in the AQC challenge will also be featured, along with some of the `Greatest Australian Quilts of the Modern Era’.

Convention visitors will also be able to take part in lectures and hands-on workshops, with some lasting up to four days. Flyer printing is a popular way for exhibitors and tutors to spread the word of what they have to offer.

The event will be held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton from April 10th to 13th.