Racecourse to become craft central for upcoming show

October 19, 2016 by  

Thousands of craft enthusiasts are expected to flock to Caulfield Racecourse for this year’s major Stitches and Craft Show.

The event, which has been widely advertised via flyers and newsletter printing, will provide an opportunity for Caulfield shoppers and craft enthusiasts to learn the latest techniques by attending workshops, as well as being able to access a host of craft products available from specialty retailers.

Craft Consultant Judy Newman said there will be a great deal on offer at this year’s show, including expert advice, creative ideas, and entertainment on stage, featuring vintage makeovers and handmade fashion parades.

She said the stage programme will aim to show what is possible when someone combines creativity with hand-making knowhow.

In addition, the Stitches and Craft Show will feature a parade of attractive and bizarre wearable art pieces that have been produced from farm materials, along with practical ideas on making clothes for children and adults. Parades of crochet fashion and summer hand knits will also be presented.

The event, to be held over the next four days (October 20 to 23), will also include the always popular displays of cake decorating, textile art and quilts, along with card-making demonstrations for those who enjoy paper craft.

Newman said with Christmas just around the corner, a visit to the 2016 Stitches and Craft Show may just be the inspiration needed to create that perfect gift.