Rail link for Melbourne Airport wins more support

May 25, 2017 by  

The proposed rail link for Melbourne Airport is getting more backing from interest groups.

The Rail, Bus and Tram Union (RTBU) indicated that in 20 years or so, traffic flows to Melbourne Airport may be twice the current volume. If there is more business use of the airport, print shops in Tullamarine are likely to get more orders.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given his endorsement to the Tullamarine initiative, which may pave the way to the rail link benefiting from accessing a national fund for infrastructure development. In total, $10bn has been allocated to this area of policy. Further, the government of Victoria is in the process of establishing the business case for the investment in question.

Luba Grigorovitch, an official for the RTBU, told the Herald Sun:

“Victorians are sick of waiting for a project that should have been delivered in the 1990s.”

The RTBU has had a policy of calling for network improvements for a considerable period of time, and may be able to recruit more members if extra money is allocated to the rail sector. Kelly Hornsey, a spokeswoman for Melbourne Airport, has been clear about the position of her company, and has spoken of its support for the construction of the rail link.

Infrastructure Victoria has not denied that the rail link could bring long-term benefits, but has contended that the project could be costly.