Report identifies different strengths of Melbourne suburbs

March 14, 2018 by  

Recent research has ranked Melbourne’s suburbia in terms of opportunities and livability, with wide-ranging results.

The report is the product of detailed work by PwC, which compiled an abundance of neighbourhood data. Brochure printing can use statistical information like this for promotional purposes.

While living in Melbourne’s inner city can be a big draw for some residents, other individuals can prefer to dwell in suburbs like Croydon. David Sacks, who works for PwC, told the Herald Sun:

“There’s really quite a divide and almost an uneven distribution of opportunity, economic growth, jobs and social mobility. That is mirrored almost around the city. Our radial infrastructure has potentially contributed to that.”

Living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne does have some advantages over the local alternatives. Firstly, there seem to be more gardens in the east of the city than in the west. Secondly, the parks in the eastern suburbs add to the green space, which is easy to access.

There is reported positive employment growth in the west of Melbourne, but this is tempered by few entertainment options for locals in this part of the city. It is important to note, however, that the index used in the research does not capture every aspect of a place.

The report claimed that viewing Melbourne as a world city was not always helpful to local people. The idea is that a more detailed analysis can reveal data, which may spur improvements going forward.