Researchers target feral animals in City of Canning

April 9, 2017 by  

Regional research is taking place to help protect native animals within the City of Canning area.

The research is being conducted on the basis of a partnership, and sees participants hope to limit the populations of feral cats and foxes in the urban district. Note pads from Canning Vale could be useful for those engaged in the work.

A council report has established the potential damage predators may have on vulnerable native fauna. The report stated:

“Foxes are well-adapted to city living and are commonly found in urban areas. The fox has played a major role in the decline of native fauna.”

Currently, local efforts are made to control predator populations. At the moment, about 12 of the creatures are trapped every year. Foxes eat a wide variety of food and they can be tempted by birds and reptiles, while feral cats go after a range of endangered species within the area, so both have effects on the native animal population.

The researchers hope to have an impact at the level of the Perth metropolitan region. Pest management may be facilitated by mapping the movements of predatory animals after they have been taken captive. This process will involve the use of special collars and GPS.

By looking at the data, scientists should be able to assess whether or not the deployment of a conservation dog is likely to be a feasible option. Councillors have agreed to back the research by providing $30,000 in funding over three years.