Resident donates land to reserve near Caringbah

July 21, 2018 by  

A citizen has donated to a reserve of bushland in the vicinity of Caringbah.

Dr. Jean Leyendekkers gave away a parcel of land worth over $1.5 million, and had decided that the council of Sutherland Shire should have the space in question. The area is more than 750 square metres in extent.

Dr. Leyendekkers was keen to prevent a developer from acquiring the land concerned. She has worked to look after bushland by being part of a group. The reserve has been maintained by the organisation for some time.

Lorraine and Alan George are neighbours of Dr, Leyendekkers, and neither were surprised at this act of generosity. Mr. George told the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader:

“Jean is a wonderful person, and it shows how much she believes in the shire and trying to keep it as much as possible the way it was originally.”

Sutherland Shire Council (SSC) approved of a staff comment about the exchange of land. This endorsement noted the generosity of Dr Leyendekkers, and also highlighted the fact that the local community should benefit from the move.

The Wattlebird Bushland Reserve (WBR) is located at the rear of a property owned by Dr. Leyendekkers. The WBR was established during the course of the 1990s and the campaigning of Dr. Leyendekkers may have influenced this decision.

Property deals like this can boost the demand for letterheads from Caringbah.