Residents invited to help shape rural Hume

August 10, 2018 by  

Broadmeadows and fellow City of Hume residents are being invited to have a say on handling future issues facing surrounding rural areas.

According to Mayor Geoff Porter, the opportunity for community members to discuss future and current challenges across rural areas of Hume is part of the Rural Hume Integrated Growth Area Plan (Rural HIGAP) Emerging Issues and Options paper. Cr. Porter said:

“We already know of a number of rural landowners who are thinking creatively about land-use and using the latest innovations in agriculture and technology to optimise use of their properties.”

This information, he said, was uncovered following talks last year with the community.

Further research and consideration of the issues raised has culminated in the delivery of the options paper which Cr. Porter has said identifies a way Council can work with the local community and make recommendations to the Victorian Government on rural landowners’ behalf.

He said the Strategy outlined in the Rural HIGAP paper will guide Council investment, infrastructure provision and planning within the areas deemed rural over the coming quarter of a century. Porter said:

“Some of the challenges identified include how to respond to climate change, exploring the potential of our local providers to better showcase local produce and maximising the opportunities for tourism in Hume’s rural areas.”

Printing services have been busy preparing copies of the Rural HIGAP Strategy for viewing at Council Customer Service offices between now and August 27.