Residents urged to help city meet Million Trees target

December 8, 2016 by  

The City of Stirling has set an ambitious target for the greening of the City and Mayor Giovanni Italiano is urging the community to work hard in 2017 to help Council achieve their long term goal.

As part of the Million Trees Initiative the Council, with the help of volunteers from throughout the city including Print company in Balcatta printing services Balcatta, Print company in Western Australia printing services Western Australia, seeks to successfully plant one million shrubs and trees between 2009 and 2025.

Mayor Italiano said the initiative was already well ahead of schedule and will reach its half way point in 2017.

He said the number of shrubs and trees planted during 2016 alone totalled 126,795, which represented a 40 per cent increase on its previous record.

The 2016 tally pushed the cumulative number of plantings to 518,188, which puts the city 20,000 plantings ahead of the target.

The Mayor said that while the Parks and Reserves team are responsible for most of the plantings, local residents and volunteers put in 1,500 trees as part of the Community Tree Planting Programme.

He said since its beginning in 2009, the tree planting activity has been a focus of newsletter printing and brochures throughout the community and the work currently being undertaken will be admired and provide shade for many years to come.

The Mayor urged residents to help out with the plantings in 2017 and said the main aim of the sustainability project is to address the amount of vegetation together with the tree canopy cover throughout the city.