Richmond ballet dancers to support international acts

June 19, 2017 by  

The Richmond-based Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) is soon to present another International Ballet Gala, starring dancers from some of the world’s top companies, with its own students in supporting roles.

The ACB first presented a showcase of this kind in 2009, at the Arts Centre Melbourne. Due to its popularity, a similar event is to be performed in the same venue in July.

The school presents one major production each year, often in collaboration with local orchestras. Productions like these also provide an opportunity for print companies to produce advertising flyers and promotional products such as programmes and poster printing.

The ACB’s international reputation is thanks to its co-founders, Christine Walsh and Ricardo Ella, who developed a training programme based on the Vaganova method. Back in 1999, they moved their school closer to the inner city, to the vibrant area of Richmond. Intake numbers were reduced, with admittance by audition only, to maintain a high standard.

The school was nationally accredited in 2001. The founders developed a half-day programme to allow dancers to complete morning academic classes and train for ballet in the afternoons. This system was accredited in 2005.

International Ballet Gala will have only one performance, at Arts Centre Melbourne, on Saturday, July 15 at 7:30 pm. Tickets can be booked online through the Arts Centre Melbourne website.