Richmond commuters hoping to cruise the Yarra

May 18, 2017 by  

If a recent ferry proposal is given the green light, residents of Richmond could soon be facing a quicker commute to Melbourne’s CBD.

A company that operates a ferry service between Docklands and the Bellarine Peninsula has its Docklands terminus on the Victoria Harbour Promenade, close to Melbourne’s CBD. Together with Caydon – developers of the nearby Cremorne Malt District – the ferry company hopes to start a commuter service between Docklands and the popular suburbs to the east, along the Yarra River. This would ease congestion on Punt Road and Alexandra Avenue.

The current rules about speeds on the river, size of the vessel due to the heights of the bridges, and the impact a ferry might have on rowing clubs and other boating services, all need to be considered. No doubt there will soon be a call for services like document scanning for presentation folders to aid both companies on their joint quest.

The ferry company estimates that commuters could get from Richmond to Docklands, via the river, in seven minutes. The same distance by car takes between 18 and 21 minutes. The company is looking at all aspects of the proposal, not only as a commuter service, but for tourism as well. If plans go ahead, extra stops could be added at Richmond’s sporting stadia on big match days.