Richmond railway station set for clean-up

December 13, 2017 by  

Rail operator Metro has been instructed to clear graffiti from Metro’s land, infrastructure and train corridors.

According to Public Transport Victoria, the corridor walls between Flinders Street and Richmond stations must be cleaned up within a month. This rail corridor, which is a popular target for vandalism, runs parallel to the Melbourne Park precinct. It is responsible for allowing sports fans and tourists to shuttle between big events.

Train commuters and nearby residents have been doubtful regarding the outcome of the clean-up, as the graffiti-ridden and dirty situation has been an existing problem for quite some time.

According to Tony Morton, representing the Public Transport Users Association, the government should ask Metro to perform more frequent cleans of the rail area in the future. He also added that additional security measures should be considered including fencing around the rail network.

According to Jacintha Allan, the Minister of Public Transport, the clean-up activities must be timely, safe and minimise disruptions at the same time. She also added that vandals involved in anti-social activities around a live rail system is extremely dangerous.

In Melbourne and other major Australian cities, the city councils and government officials often carry out anti-graffiti poster printing and display to educate and warn the public on the consequences of such illegal behavior, and to show their intolerance towards it.