Richmond social enterprise cafe flourishes

January 30, 2018 by  

Along with the gain in momentum of global conscious consumerism, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of where their food and clothes actually come from.

In Melbourne, social enterprise cafes are becoming more and more popular as a result of this positive global trend. These socially conscious cafes aim to serve high-quality beverages and food to savvy customers while providing help to disadvantaged people and groups within the community.

Long Street Café in Richmond, opened on the site of an old chocolate factory, is among the many thriving social enterprise cafes that have been set up in Melbourne. The café, with its minimalist black and white logo design, provides help to asylum seekers and refugees by equipping them with hospitality skills. These aim to prepare them well for new jobs within the industry.

Francois and Jane Marx, owner and co-founder of Long Street Café, have expressed their pride in the results of their investment in the young trainees – so far, all of the trainees have successfully moved on to new jobs within a month.

Although the training provided by Long Street Café is not part of an officially certified program, the combined experience of the café owners has successfully taught 18 trainees and provided them with a range of knowledge and skills to survive and thrive in the hospitality industry.