River project underway in Penrith

June 24, 2013 by  

Penrith Council has revealed its intention to create a detailed master plan outlining the future of the Nepean River.

The ‘Our River’ project is specifically targeting open space in the vicinity of the M4 and Victoria Bridges, on both the east and west sides of the river. In a nod to the pristine beauty of the river, Mayor Mark Davies has declared it Penrith’s best asset. He said:

“Guided by a long term master plan, we can ensure the area is a great experience now and into the future for people who visit the river daily, weekly, or just every now and then.”

The council will be engaging interested parties during the next few months in order to understand community values and important opportunities moving forward. As expected, suggestions are flooding in, with calls for wider paths, outdoor gym equipment, kayak launching areas and water views. Input is also welcome regarding larger infrastructure such as restaurants and local riverside events.

Feedback will also be taken on board as part of the Penrith Local Environmental Plan (LEP), which includes city planning controls for areas around the river, some of which are earmarked for shops, restaurants and cultural facilities.

Penrith Council is looking for submissions of interest that take local history into consideration as well as social and recreational activities, and major events such as the World Rowing Championships.

The council has even provided an ‘Our River’ online survey for residents and businesses to have their say. It is expected that the flow of interest will soon reach Penrith printing services, which can provide persuasive poster printing options for spreading the message.