Rockingham leads the way to fast internet connection

December 9, 2016 by  

Rockingham, Western Australia is leading the way when it comes to connecting to the super-fast internet on the NBN network.

Its introduction, which began in September, has provided over 12,300 residents and businesses from Rockingham, Safety Bay, and Shoalwater with an opportunity to connect to the new fibre technology.

Telstra’s Boyd Brown said the rollout of the extended services in Rockingham will bring many emerging and new technologies, which only a reliable and fast broadband can provide, to local businesses, making scanning for information, news and a wide range of services a lot quicker than was previously possible.

He said by the year’s end, another 3,900 homes in the area are expected to have access to the service.

In addition, Telstra has just advised that the 2017 NBN construction programme will see the service introduced to in excess of 150 suburbs throughout the metropolitan area, including Perth.

NBN CEO Bill Morrow said work was proceeding well, with over 300,000 WA premises now able to access the network and 104,000 already connected.

He said the service is expected to be available to half the country by the end of June 2017, and it is expected that an estimated 73% of the market will take up the offer of a faster and more reliable broadband service.

Morrow added that by 2020, the internet service, which has been the subject of ongoing marketing services, will be available to everyone in Australia.